With more than 10 years of experience installing satellite dishes, our team of professional technicians can offer you a correct mounted and pointed satellite dish. The most frequent providers are TV Vlaanderen, Télésat, TNT Sat, Fransat and Canal Digitaal.

Our Services are available in Belgium in all regions. Besides providing high-quality repairs and services it’s possible to register new clients and help you with your provider choice.

We do not have a webshop to sell our products but we can deliver you the most used satellite products.

Feel free to contact us or book a technician for a repair or a new installation

Structured Cabling

Highspeed and powerful data networks are a must in today’s technological environment.

Our company delivers high-end data networks from data rack to outlet. Structured cabling for small businesses, larger enterprises, hotels, domestic solutions and other buildings. 

Offering qualified technicians and different brands result in fully customizable data networks and solutions for our clients. Test reports and brand certificates for cables and connections are available for up to 25 years of warranty.

Does your company need more than just cabling? A complete IT infrastructure is an option in cooperation with NiProject and their highly qualified IT services.

Optical Fiber

If your company requires an ultra-fast connection or a long-distance connection, fiber optic cables are recommended. Multiple connections over a single cable or connecting main data racks also benefit the use of fiber optic cables.

Bulk cable, fiber optic patch panels and racks are installed by our technicians. Fiber optic conversion to ethernet, connections between buildings and even sending TV signals over fiber is possible.

Our company uses the latest Fusion-splicers and equipment to deliver high-end fiber solutions. Testing and fault locating of existing fiber cables are possible.

Wi-Fi Installations

A decent Wi-Fi connection has become essential in your business office or buildings and even outside on your business property. Therefore we offer a wide range of Wi-Fi solutions. Wi-Fi for your employees and customers provides them a great work environment.

Wi-Fi connections are no longer used only to connect computers and smartphones. Domestic and household equipment, surveillance, machines and other hardware use a wireless connection these days. Business solutions for internal communication by wireless phones and VoIP connections. They all benefit from a good working Wi-Fi network.

When an upgrade of your existing Wi-Fi network or a brand new Wi-Fi installation is needed, our company provides the solution. From site survey to cabling and placing access points at your business, it will be performed by our technicians.

As our company is specialized in cabling and mounting hardware, a solution at your need can be worked out with the IT department of your company. Don’t have an IT service, configuring, monitoring, securing and setting up your Wi-Fi network can be achieved in cooperation with NiProject or an IT service of your choice.

When interested in upgrading the Wi-Fi network at your home, business, office, camping, hotel, B&B or any infrastructure, feel free to contact us for more information.


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